Fitness Fashion

Fitness Fashion

Fashion means so many things. We have fashionable hairstyles, clothes, shoes, make up and more. Fashions come and go throughout many generations, however, it remains an important factor throughout the decades, to people of all ages. We're dictated to by the media and celebrities about what is hot and what is not, and fitness fashion is no exception to this.

Fitness fashion has changed dramatically throughout the decades, from leg warmers and sweat bands in the 80's, to flared bottoms in the 90's, tight again in the 2000's and colours becoming bolder and brighter again in recent years. Fitness fashion, it seems, however, has recently made a new evolution.

Throughout the past 12 months, people seem to be trying to find a way to have their active wear, similar to their day to day clothes. Lounge pants are popular again, which is similar to the tracksuit bottoms of the 1990's, but people are now trying to get their office clothes to fit in with their workout too. And why not?

In our busy, bustling lives, we are often rushing from A to B, struggling on a packed commute and sometimes struggling to find time to exercise. If we can wear leggings to work, with a supportive top and still look professional, it means we can go for a walk on our lunch break, or straight to our spinning class after the office closes. Reduced time getting changed, as well as less washing and no hassle of dragging our gym clothes around town with us. The rage of retro leggings have also become so popular, that it would no longer seem inappropriate to turn up to the pub sporting your latest pair.

So, what do we make of this changing trend? Personally, I think it's a dream. Making our lives easier, more comfortable and encouraging people to exercise more is a winner in my book. Switching from heels to trainers is a 30 second job, so we can glam it up as much as we want to still, it just means we can make fashion work for our busy schedules.