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Sunburst Mid Rise Bottoms - Swim


These can be ordered in for you - please message us for size and colour you'd like to try. 

You are going to love these bottoms! They provide a sporty design with extra booty coverage 🍑. The mid-rise hits are made to be about an inch shorter than our Ruched & Simple High Rise bottoms. The seven strap thick strap details on both sides of the bottoms gives your a beautiful slimming look! You are going to love pairing these bottoms with all your tops!

  • 7 straps on the side
  • Mid-rise length
  • Full coverage giving you a comfortable fit. No more adjusting!
  • Mix and Match with your favorite top to make your perfect look!
  • Almost a midrise bottom an inch shorter than our Ruched & Simple High Rise

Because some pools use harsh chemicals we wanted to give you some care tips to keep your KIAVAswim items looking fantastic and new for as long as possible!

  1. Rinse swimwear as soon as possible in clean water. Be sure to Hang it or lay it flat and allow it to dry until the item can be washed.
  2. Wash swimwear with cold water by hand or in a light cycle with like colors ONLY. Do not wash with velcro or bleach and use minimal detergent and avoid fabric softener (Because some pool chemicals can cause color transfer, we recommend washing new items by themselves for the first washing.)
  3. Dry items IMMEDIATELY after washing. Allowing wet items to sit for prolonged periods may alter color uniformity across the item particularly if they have been exposed to harsh pool chemicals.
  4. Drying: Lay flat on a dry towel or tumble dry with no heat. (pro tip: put a dry towel in the dry to tumble with your swim items)