Buying Leggings: 4 Tips to Identify High-Quality Leggings

Buying Leggings: 4 Tips to Identify High-Quality Leggings

Leggings are here to stay!

Reports show that, women have ordered more leggings online than jeans!

Leggings have become a wardrobe staple both in activewear and for everyday style. With so many options to choose from, however, it’s important to invest in the right pair that will really go the distance.


Tip #1: Look For Key Words That Describe Fabric Quality

When it comes to choosing the best fabric for leggings, remember the acronym SCAR: Stretch, Compression, Airy, Retention. Look for these key words in the product details and technical aspects of the legging:

  • Lightweight compression supports and shapes your legs.
  • 4-way stretch gives you a snug fit for all-day comfort that moves with you, not against.
  • Sweat-wicking works to keep you dry by pulling the moisture away from your skin.
  • Shape retention is key as you want to be able to wash your leggings and have them bounce back to the original fit without becoming loose and baggy over time.
  • Ventilation such as mesh inserts or laser-cut perforation promotes airflow to help you cool down

Tip #2: Do The “Bend Over Test” To Ensure Full Coverage

Ever catch a glimpse of yourself (or someone else) and realize your leggings are see-through? We’ve all been there and it’s never fun. Some might even say it’s a real bummer, pun absolutely intended. Coverage is integral to a great pair of leggings and goes hand in hand with the quality of fabric.

We advise the “bend over test," which is achieved by bending over in front of a mirror to determine if the leggings are see-through or not; however, if you’re buying leggings online, you probably won't have that option. The last thing you want to worry about when doing downward dog is whether your assets are on display. To ensure quality coverage, look for leggings that have a gusset or, less attractively put, a crotch panel. This piece of material is sewn into the garment to add strength and ensure coverage isn't compromised when you’re bending and stretching. As an added plus, the best leggings for working out often have ventilation at the inseam gusset to ensure freshness, wear after wear.

Tip #3: Seek Out Functional Details

When you hit the ground running, you want thoughtful solutions for safely and securely carrying your essentials. It’s also important to find details that make the wear and care of the leggings simple.

  • Concealed, interior waistband pocket for keys, lip balm, or gym membership card
  • Multiple pocket options like fitted, side pockets for electronics
  • Machine washable/dryable leggings for easy care
  • High waisted for coverage and figure sculpting
  • Wide waistband with supportive panels for all day comfort

Tip #4: Read What The Price Point Tells You.

Let’s be real. Some leggings are outrageously expensive. When you’re buying leggings, it’s important to remember that high price doesn't always equal high quality. As a general rule, if you are spending more than your monthly phone/internet bill on a pair of leggings, you’re spending too much! On the flip side, you won't find high-quality leggings at a ridiculously low price either. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Watch out for cheap products that cost 75% less then normal and take weks to arrive.

Price points at KEYLIME vary.

The most expensive leggings will be Made in Canada with high quality bamboo and have lots of detail ($139),  We offer other quality Canadian Made brands for $70! Looks for when we are having sales or the $50 each or buy 2 for $80 sales. This rack is normally filled with last chance items that will not be restocke dor remade - sizes xs to xxxl.