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KEYLIME Rep Sample Packs


Want to increase your sales? Buy a sample pack! Sample Packs can be purchased after you sign up to be a KEYLIME Rep. Save 40% off retail costs on our top sellers! Your customers and clients can use these top sellers to help determine their size. These are pre-packed with a variety of sizes, colours and styles. The average KEYLIME Rep can make back the costs of their samples from two parties! Samples can be sold at any time!

  • Level 1 Sample Pack. $330; $200 savings (retail $520)
  • Level 2 Sample Pack. $525; $350 savings (retail $880)
  • Level 3 Sample Pack. $750; $500 savings (retail $1260)
  • Level 4 Sample Pack. $1200; $800 savings (retail $2000)

Taxes not included in above pricing. Online discount codes do not apply to Sample Packs.

Shipping fees are added to the cost of your sample pack. Charges are based on the shippers fee to a max of $40.